In the small print on the order paper

Just as an addendum to what I mentioned below, about appointing new Electoral Commissioners. The proposal on the Order Paper is for one from each of the main parties to be appointed: Angela Browning for the Tories (ex-MP, now Baroness); Roy Kennedy for Labour (ex-party staff, now Lord); and David Howarth for the Lib Dems (ex-MP, returned to academia at Cambridge Uni).

For some reason The Chope has tabled an amendment, deleting David Howarth’s name from the list. Whether this is motivated by some specific antipathy towards Mr Howarth or the Lib Dems in general, or some great political principle that must be upheld (loathing of Lib Dems quite possibly falling into this category too), or a simple desire to make mischief, who knows?

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