Not in my cuppa

Just been to a WSPA briefing on the planning application for Nocton dairy farm – or should that be factory? – in Lincolnshire. See here for their Not in my Cuppa campaign.

We were shown a horrific DVD with clips from the US equivalent dairy farms, with lame cows stumbling along, hugely distended udders almost tripping them up, or wedged into tiny pens. We were also told about the environmental threat to the water supply from eutrophication, and the fact that the 8,100 cows in the Nocton development would produce around 187,000 cubic metres of manure a year, roughly the same level of untreated waste as would be produced by a city twice the size of Lincoln. (This may be of interest to Fiona Mactaggart?)

I’m really glad WSPA have got this campaign off the ground. There was a good turnout of MPs at the briefing, and should be quite a few opportunities for us to raise it at DEFRA questions tomorrow. (All the MPs present recorded a video clip saying “Would you drink factory milk from battery cows? Not in my cuppa”. Watching David Amess rehearse his lines I couldn’t help being reminded of his campaign against Cake. Unfortunately this campaign isn’t a spoof).

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  • hesspartacus  On September 9, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    Strong milky this end.

    Tea harvested by children on slave wages and milk from factory farms.

    No sugar.

    Yum yum.

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