Play it cool*

So we’ve had our first Treasury team meeting. AJ has a suitably impressive collection of music memorabilia adorning his office walls . I have no pictures at all…. this needs sorting.

Obviously we’ll all be mucking in when it comes to the Comprehensive Spending Review and general economic issues, but in terms of specific briefs, AJ is of course Shadow Chancellor and Angela Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Chris Leslie is taking on the shadow Financial Secretary role, David Hanson the shadow Exchequer Secretary and I’m the shadow Economic Secretary.

The official description of that post from the HM Treasury website is as follows. Some good stuff in there – environment/ climate change, child poverty, welfare reform, charities. I’m happy!

Economic Secretary to the Treasury: Justine Greening MP

  • Environmental issues including taxation of transport, international Climate Change issues and Energy Issues;
  • North Sea oil taxation;
  • Tax credits and child poverty and assisting the Chief Secretary on welfare reform;
  • Charities and the voluntary sector;
  • Excise duties and gambling, including excise fraud and law enforcement;
  • Stamp duty land tax;
  • EU Budget;
  • Ministerial responsibility for the Royal Mint and Departmental Minister for HM Treasury Group;
  • Working with the Exchequer Secretary on the Finance Bill.

* An SFA song in tribute to AJ, they’re one of his favourite bands. Could be his theme song…

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