Everything’s gone green

I don’t want to bang on endlessly about vegan stuff, but it will be highly topical for the next few weeks in Parliament, particularly as the debate around the Sustainable Livestock Bill gathers momentum.

So here’s a piece from the Guardian about the environmental case for a low-meat diet which explains that it’s not really ‘vegan stuff’. (I rather like the phrase ‘incitement to vegetarianism’!) If you don’t follow @Guardianeco on twitter, you really should.

I’m now about to read Friends of the Earth’s submission on the Comprehensive Spending Review, and their press briefing on why, if the Government cuts feed-in tariffs tomorrow, it could be subject to legal challenge. Link to both is here. And on the same topic, here’s details of the Greenpeace campaign to get George to keep his 10 Green Promises.

There’s going to be precious little time to debate such issues in Parliament, however. As it stands, the CSR statement tomorrow will last for maybe a couple of hours at most; it follows the usual format for a ministerial statement, with the shadow chancellor getting a right to reply and then questions from backbenchers, not speeches. We’ve then been granted a day’s debate on it, on Thursday 28th. Even assuming the main business starts on time that day and there are no statements or urgent questions, that gives us from 12.30pm to 6pm. Five and a half hours to debate the most draconian spending cuts we’ve seen for decades. Four hours if you exclude the frontbench speakers. Backbenchers will be lucky if they get five minutes each.

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