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Charlie Elphicke, new MP for Dover, has just argued that it’s ‘shameful’ and that he ‘condemns’ John McDonnell for bringing forward a Private Member’s Bill which doesn’t ‘have the support of both sides of the House’. He says that PMBs should only be for uncontroversial measures which have the support of every0ne. What a load of nonsense!

Some of the best Private Members Bills – or the best use of PMB time – have been on the most controversial issues like assisted dying/ euthanasia, or organ donation. They might not become law, but they do an awful lot to raise awareness. Sometimes, in putting such issues on the political agenda they pave the way for future Government action, or help shift the terms of the public debate. And who is Elphicke to dictate what other MPs should choose to raise in the House?

Nuttall, having “only” spoken for one hour thirty eight minutes, has now made several interventions on Elphicke. I think this is his fourth…

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