The week in parliament

Treasury stuff, treasury stuff and more treasury stuff….. Today we had the Report Stage and Third Reading of the Finance Bill. Tomorrow and Thursday we’ve got four sessions of the Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy Grant Bill. My esteemed colleague David Hanson is leading on the axing of Child Trust Funds, we’re both dealing with the end of the Savings Gateway pilots, and I’ve just tabled a whole bunch of amendments on the Health in Pregnancy Grants. On Wednesday it’s the final stages of the Equitable Life Bill, followed by a Treasury-led debate on European economic policy co-ordination, and on Thursday it’s another Treasury-led debate on the topic of ‘economic growth’.

We’ve also got a controversial Opposition Day debate tomorrow on the impact of housing benefit changes, led by Dept for Communities and Local Govt, so that means Caroline Flint.* I’ll be in committee till 7pm so will miss the start but will catch the last few hours. Harriet will be deputising for Ed (who’s on paternity leave) at PMQs on Wednesday, up against Hague (deputising for Cameron who’s in China).

*I was wrong, it’s DWP-led, which means Douglas. He’s normally an avid reader of my blog so surprised he hasn’t told me himself (although that may just have been when I was his PPS and he wanted to keep an eye on me!)

On Friday I’ll be staying in London for the Sustainable Livestock Bill, which will no doubt be talked out by the Tories doing their usual Friday filibusters. Expect more grumblings from me about the uselessness of Private Members Bills’ procedures. There’s a big event the night before to promote it, with, I’m told guest appearances from celebrity chefs and comedians and no doubt people dressed in cow costumes and lots of cow-related puns. Join the Moovement, make your voice herd etc.

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