A cowboy in Sweden*

A few weeks ago I spoke at a conference on climate change and the livestock sector, and shared the platform with a Swedish MP, Jens Holm. Very nice guy, from the Swedish Left Party, who has just introduced a Reduction of Meat Consumption Bill in the Swedish Parliament. Apologies for useless links, I’m on the iPad, but here’s his website, and also details of his Bill:


The Bill calls for a 25% reduction in meat consumption by 2020. (Can you imagine the response if I tried to introduce something similar in the Commons?!)

Jens was very interested in what we were trying to do in the UK with the Sustainable Livestock Bill, though I’ve since had to tell him that it came to an untimely end. I sent him the link to my Labour List article about the Mogg’s filibuster. On the day of the Conference I’d got him and his friend up into the public gallery to watch a little bit of the Commons’ proceedings. I think it was the second half of the statement on tuition fees, and they were mightily amused by how archaic our procedures we, so God knows what he’d make of the Mogg.

His Bill is motivated by similar environmental concerns, and it will be interesting to see how he gets on. (You can see from the English language pages on his website just how long he’s been pushing away at this issue, and how much more upfront he’s been than we have in the UK; it’s a great site actually).

The organisers of the Conference where we both spoke are planning a similar event in Brussels next spring, to take the debate to the MEPs and Euro-crats. Reasurring to see that momentum is growing in this way.

* Obviously he’s not a cowboy. It’s a Lee Hazlewood album, and very good, tho’ the title track is a bit annoying. I’ve got a friend who plays it to death. (Hello Jon!)

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