Back to Bristol

I’m on the train on the way to Bristol. (Normally would have been there already, but had late night in London yesterday). Today I’ll be at the Carers Day event at the Vassall Centre, which I go to every year. Doing a bit of a table-hopping thing, talking to carers about what they can expect from this new Government. Then I’m off to present an Every Child a Reader plaque at Holymead School and to discuss with staff what we can do to save the scheme; the Government has scrapped ring fenced funding for it. Then back to the Vassall Centre for a surgery, and in the evening it’s the Friends of the Earth Christmas Party. Guests have been told to bring veggie food, which means I either have to stop off at Better Foods on the way or find time to get home and pop some veggie sausage rolls in the oven. Looking forward to meeting green campaigners there, and discussing how we can take forward the issues raised by the Sustainable Livestock Bill.

Tomorrow it’s campaigning in St. George and Eastville, in the cold, but made slightly more appealing by the offer of lunchtime curry with our Eastville candidate, Khan. And then there’s an Oxfam Youth Board event in Castle Park. They’ll be there from 1-3pm. I’ll be there as soon as curry consumed!

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