Catch hell blues

According to a piece in the Telegraph, Eric Clapton once said that George Osborne has ‘the best record collection he’s ever seen’. I find that really impossible to believe, even allowing for Eric Clapton perhaps not having the best taste in music ever… What does he like? Blues? What else?….

Actually, here are his Desert Island Discs (Clapton’s not Osborne’s):

  • ‘Senza Mama’ by Ranata Scotto
  • ‘Au Fond Du Temple Saint’ by Ernest Blanc and Nicolai Gedda
  • ‘Crossroads Blues’ by Robert Johnson
  • ‘Feel Like Going Home’ by Muddy Waters
  • ‘I Was Made To Love Her’ by Stevie Wonder
  • ‘Hard Times’ by Ray Charles
  • ‘I Love The Woman’ by Freddie King
  • ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince

So does Osborne like the blues? I’ve tried Googling to see if there’s an original source for the quote (one that isn’t located somewhere in the vicinity of the press officer desk at CCHQ, though it’s a bizarre thing to spin), but all I can find is a story about Clapton, Osborne and Paxman spending a weekend fishing in Scotland.

P.S. As several people have already pointed out on Twitter, within minutes of this post going live, Eric Clapton was indirectly responsible for the launch of Rock Against Racism, after his ‘Enoch Powell had the right idea’ comments (or something along those lines). Which is somewhat ironic given that his entire career was based on ripping off black musicians. But it would be a cheap shot to link this to his being a fan of Osborne’s, who has reprehensible views in many respects but not, I think, that one.

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