Return of the blobfish

Greenpeace have been running an ‘Ugly Fish’ campaign, highlighting the plight of creatures living in our oceans by asking people to vote for the ugliest. As they say:

“We all know that photogenic sea creatures like dolphins, whales and turtles need protecting, but at Greenpeace we don’t discriminate based on looks. There are countless species of fish in the seas that wouldn’t make the front of a postcard, but are still critically endangered, and we are working to protect them all.”

And the winner, with more than 50% of the 4000 votes cast, was the humble blobfish…

Now where have I heard of him before? If you would like a virtual blob fish – and why wouldn’t you? – you can adopt one for a tenner here. I’d like to think I played just a little part in his new found fame.

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  • thatpeskysquirrel  On December 6, 2010 at 9:50 pm


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