Not “rape-rape”

I was toying with the idea of blogging about Julian Assange, but had been reluctant to do so because plenty of other people are talking about him and I don’t really wamt to get bogged down into a big debate about his arrest. But let’s just say I’m uncomfortable with the fact that flashmobs are being mobilised to protest against someone being arrested on allegations of a sexual offence. (Some debate over whether it’s rape or something different he’s being investigated for, but it seems to involve allegations of non-consensual sex which is rape in most people’s book, not just those funny Swedes).

Fact is: we have no idea what he has or hasn’t done, whether it’s a set-up or whether he’s actually not a very nice guy when it comes to the way he treats women. Here’s someone saying more or less what I would have said if I’d blogged at more length:

Oh, and when he was missing, the person who said on Twitter “Assange est dan l’arbre’. That was funny.

Postscript: Have now come across this piece by Bristol’s very own Anton Vowl, which makes more or less the same point but then goes on to talk in more general terms about Wikileaks. Makes some very valid points.

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