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‘No’ to calls to delay decision

CALLS to delay the final decision on the sell-off plan by a Bristol MP were rejected by the city council leader.

Labour MP for Bristol East Kerry McCarthy wrote to Lib Dem leader Barbara Janke to ask for today’s cabinet meeting ruling to be put back given the record level of public responses on the issue.

Ms McCarthy said: “In light of the controversy surrounding the parks and green spaces strategy and the proposed sell-off of so many green spaces, do you not agree that more time should be given to make final decisions on this matter? “

But Mrs Janke felt there has been enough time already. She said: “Ms McCarthy has either misunderstood the situation or deliberately misrepresents it. This process has not been rushed and, at this stage, I can see no case for further delay.

“The consultation period itself lasted 20 weeks, which is almost without precedent for such an exercise in Bristol.”
The above was from today’s Bristol Evening Post. No mention of the fact that yesterday’s Joint Scrutiny committee, which includes Lib Dem councillors, voted unanimously for the decision to be delayed…. Does Ms Janke think that her Lib Dem colleagues have also misunderstood the situation? Or are they misrepresenting it too?
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  • Sherryl Wilson  On December 18, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Ms Janke is wrong: Kerry McCarthy has not misrepresented the situation and the suggestion that she has exemplifies the disdainful and patronising attitude towards us, the citizens of Bristol who pay Janke’s salary. The ‘consultation’ period was indeed lengthy but our voices have not been listened to and the council have proceeded AGAINST the wishes of the community. This is not democratic but authoritarian, and demonstrates very clearly a total absence of regard for us. That Ms Jenke believes that her rhetoric will cloak her disregard for us only heapes insult to injury.

  • Stockwood Pete  On December 19, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Even the Parks Forum – up to now, the only community group that the Cabinet could rely on for support – had put in a request (pdf) for the decision to be put back, because there were so many doubts about the validity of the consultation – and, in any case, what’s the rush? The BEP didn’t pick up on that, and none of the Cabinet members mentioned it.

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