AJ and austerity

Two must-read pieces from the Independent, with apologies in advance for not doing proper links; I’m not at home and it,s difficult doing stuff on the iPad.

The first is the always excellent Johann Hari, on how David Cameron “systematically lied to the electorate” before he became Prime Minister. Good that the spotlight is being shone on the Tories for a change, rather than their Lib Dem human shield.

The second is an interview with AJ, in which the profile writer does a brilliant job of capturing his personality. His son Jamie, by the way, is currently working with Noel Gallagher on his new stuff. If you caught sight of me and AJ having an animated conversation beside the Speaker’s chair while we were waiting for the tuition fees vote the other night, that’s what we were talking about! I was telling him about Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher’s new band; he was quite perturbed he hadn’t come across them himself yet. Will have to ask him when Parliament gets back if he’s checked them out like he said he would. (I’ve only heard one track, which is basically “Roll Away the Stone” crossed with Jerry Lee Lewis… There’s another new one up on the NME.com site but haven’t listened to it yet.)


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