No sympathy*

Would like to evoke some sympathy – and remind people that amongst all the tweets and blogs on vegan things and music things I do have a *proper* job – by pointing out that I am currently in the office looking at this, which I have to respond to as Shadow Economic Secretary at European Committee B on our first day back next week. If today was an ordinary Monday. I’d be here till gone 10pm anyway… so I keep telling myself.

Justine Greening
Chris Grayling
   That the Committee takes note of European Union Documents No. 9231/10, Recommendation for a Council Recommendation on broad guidelines for the economic policies of the Member States and of the Union–Part I of the Europe 2020 Integrated Guidelines, and No. 9233/10, Proposal for a Council Decision on guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States–Part II of the Europe 2020 Integrated Guidelines; and supports the Government’s engagement with the overall Europe 2020 Strategy which seeks to encourage the structural reforms needed to promote growth in Europe. [1st Report of Session 2010-11, HC 428-i, Chapter 9, and 5th Report of Session 2010-11, HC 428-v, Chapter 3]. 

* In honour of the boss of the Treasury team, AJ, who is of course a Super Furry Animals fan. It’s not on YouTube so here’s my favourite instead… “You’ve got to tolerate, some of those people that you hate”. I’m not sure you do. Discuss…. [PS I like the “he’s not using auto-tune, he’s using a Vocoder” comment!]

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