Campaigning against the cuts

Just wanted to flag up a few campaigns/ events:

False Economy: An excellent authoritative source of stats, arguments and rebuttal, set up by Clifford Singer, the guy behind the My David Cameron spoof posters during the General Election campaign. It also has a comprehensive database of anti-cuts campaigning across the country, where you can find out what’s going on in your local area – and join in! Thsi Friday’s it’s Dance Against the Deficit Lies, outside the Bank of England – an entertaining idea, but probably something best avoided by MPs unless they want to look really stupid…

38 Degrees: rallies its activists to lobby MPs on specific issues, for example the campaigns against industrialised dairy farming and the privatisation of our forests. (Although I’ve done quite a lot on the Nocton dairy farm campaign, I didn’t realise till yesterday that the farm would be multi-storey, like keeping cows in a car park. It’s hideous).

UK Uncut has been organising direct action, for example, occupying Vodafone stores because of the alleged deal to avoid paying billions in tax.

Art Uncut is newly-launched, and linked to UKUncut. It’s trying to mobilise artists and musicians to campaign against the cuts and in doing so, reach many more people than traditional political campaigning could ever do. Their first events are scheduled for March 18th, at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, London, and in Liverpool.

PCS, the public sector union, False Economy and War on Want have just launched their “tax shirkers” campaign,, where you can vote for your ‘favourite’ tax dodger. The list includes Philip Green’s Arcadia Group and Vodafone, as well as HM Revenue and Customs for cutting jobs, and chancellor George Osborne for his part in making the UK a safe haven for tax avoiders.

The TUC’s “March for the Alternative”  national demonstration is on Saturday March 26th, three days after the Budget.

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