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I knew there was a bit of an outcry on Twitter yesterday about a political activist referring online to ‘homosexual perverts’ but hadn’t fully appreciated quite how awful and hideous his comments were until I saw his blog today. Richard Carvath stood in Salford and Eccles in the 2010 General Election as an independent. His blog post is in part an attack on the Conservative candidate who stood against him at that election – who seems for now to be ignoring the controversy, on Twitter at least – in a seat which was of course won by Labour’s Hazel Blears. It’s not the first time he’s made similar homophobic attacks on his rival as this aptly-titled “Moronic Bigot of the Day” post shows…

So he is a ‘conservative’ not a Conservative. He is, however, a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, which is led by Conservative MPs and activists, has its registered office at Conservative Party HQ and is endorsed on its website by David Cameron. (Interestingly the Tory candidate for Bristol South at the last General Election is a trustee. And the Tory candidate who stood against me in the 2005 General Election is also involved; here’s a blog she wrote for them about sex education. Nice woman actually, but very much in the Sarah Palin moral outlook mode.)

As yet I haven’t seen any evidence that the Conservative Party has condemned his views or sought to expel him from CCF. They should do, pronto.

UPDATE: apparently CCF are denying he’s a member, although he describes himself as such. And he recently blogged he’d been readmitted to the Tory party – – having been expelled in 2008 for his “orthodox Christian” views on Islam and homosexuality.

UPDATE 2: Tory MEP Roger Helmer also under fire for his comments about ‘turning’ homosexuals.

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  • Ben Shepherd  On January 15, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    I’m easily offended by homophobia. I’m all too easily riled by it.

    But that idiot’s post just made me laugh. What a ridiculous man.

  • citizenr  On January 17, 2011 at 10:06 am

    I wrote about Sex and Relationship Education (SRE: note the relationship bit)as part of another post last week. It’s always interesting how ill informed people are about SRE in schools.

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