Bristol Rapid Transit

Letter from Norman Baker, junior Transport minister, about the BRT scheme. Why do these things take so long to decide?

In our Spending Review announcement on 26 October we outlined our plans for prioritising the pipeline of major capital transport schemes promoted by Local Authorities for which funding is sought from the Department for Transport. As part of this process, we identified a number of local major transport schemes that had been grouped in a Pre-Qualification Pool, with decisions by January 2011 on which of these should join the Development Pool for further analysis.

The promoters of schemes in the Pre-Qualification Pool have made Expression of Interest submissions to the Department to outline their intentions. In making decisions on these schemes we have considered the potential to offer value for money, their ability and willingness to offer savings to the DfT and their ability to deliver in the spending review period. I can confirm that the Rapid Transit North Fringe To Hengrove scheme will now join the Development Pool. I stress, however, that this does not automatically mean that the scheme will go ahead, merely that we feel that there is sufficient merit to warrant further detailed investigation.

We will thus work with the promoters of this and the other schemes in the now expanded Development Pool during 2011. Promoters will be invited to submit Best and Final Funding Bids by 9 September 2011 and final decisions will be made in December as to which of these schemes we will support.

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  • woodsy  On February 4, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Why do these things take so long to decide?

    It’s not only the decision that takes ages: action does too.

    I’ve lived next to Stapleton Road station for over 30 years and it’s only after decades of lobbying from users of the Severn Beach line that a tolerable rail service is now being provided.

    Were I to be cynical, I’d say decent public transport would be the ruin of Bristol (which has an international reputation for the shabbiness of public transport provision).

  • Leroy  On February 7, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    Hi Kerry,

    Is there some kind of plan for the proposed route this would take somewhere, or a way of accessing more detailed information than is available on news sites, etc.?


  • kerrymccarthy  On February 8, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Pretty sure it’s on the Bristol City Council website somewhere? Perhaps downloadable as a pdf?


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