Book review

Started on Dorian Lynskey’s “33 Revolutions per Minute” this weekend. It’s a history of protest songs. I can’t recommend it enough although I’m sure by the end I’ll be saying ‘why didn’t he include this’. (Ghost Town surely deserves to be one of the 33? Surely? See, I’ve started already….(

The best way to read it is to have the laptop open next to you, so you can Youtube the songs as you go along. Some of course are well known already, but there’s others I’d not heard before –  like, I’m ashamed to say, Nina Simone’s Mississippi Goddam which I suspect would have meant nothing to me if I hadn’t read what he had to say about it before listening to it. He compares it with Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come, and perhaps in doing so somewhat downplays how brilliant the latter is, but that’s just my opinion.

The book starts with Billie Holliday’s Strange Fruit.

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