Interminable Transport Apathy

I was only half watching the Politics Show, because I was working away on my notes for the Budget Responsibility Bill committee which starts on Tuesday, so I only half heard what Cllr Gary Hopkins had to say about parking prices. He seemed to be bashing the Green Party.

Depressing to see the next piece though, featuring a Conservative Alderman who’d been a leading light on Avon County Council. He said he’d been pilloried by his party for calling for a PTA for Avon. [PTA = Passenger Transport Authority, now known as ITA = Integrated Transport Authority].

I have of course been trying to make the case for an ITA for Bristol for the past six years. As ever, progress is slow to non-existent, even though I’m pretty sure the majority of people in Bristol would support it. The problem is with the outlying areas, who think it’s better to work together in a looser coalition of interest, rather than formalise the arrangement. I disagree, I think a formal ITA would give us a lot more clout and help remove transport decisions from the day-to-day politicking on councils.

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  • John Ruddy  On February 27, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    I quite agree Kerry, and I seem to recall that when this was talked about back in the 80s, that Avon was the biggest “metropolitan” area without a PTA. But the then Government didnt like them, and even tried to get rid of them at the same time as the Metropolitan councils, (but couldnt for legal reasons ISTR) so I doubt this lot will want to create a new one.

    One of the many lost opportunities of the last Labour Government 😦

  • Cycling Front of S Gloucs  On February 27, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    A PTA would help Bristol. The problem is the commuter exurbs of N Somerset and S Gloucs still remember of a world where they all drive round an empty ring road or the M32 and only pay 48p/Litre for the privilege. They don’t realise that time is over -no more cheap oil, and during the so called “war on motorists” the no of cars in the country nearly doubled. There is no going back, but they still view people on public transport as losers, people on bicycles as worse, tax-dodging losers. All they support is the West of England Partnership, who seem to be the last remainder of the ring-road and flyover designers in the city, and the eternal enemy of inner bristol. But with the other counties, bristol gets overridden by the needs of the commuters: wider roads, no bus lanes.

    Even with a PTA, you aren’t going to have the cultural change we need in the exurbs while they still live in 1973.

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