The week ahead

Got to head to London soon, i.e. at some point this evening. I don’t like travelling down on a Sunday, it cuts the weekend short even if said weekend doesn’t consist of much more than work, and the London flat’s not home in the way Bristol is. I don’t have ‘stuff’ there. I don’t even have a TV or wifi connection these days.

Normally, like most MPs, I travel down on the Monday morning, but tomorrow I’m off to Milton Keynes with Ed Balls for another of these ‘Fresh Ideas’ policy consultation events, so it’s best to start off from London. Then it’s back to Parliament, hopefully in time for the statement on Libya which we’re expecting at 3.30pm after CLG (Communities and Local Govt) questions. I think it might actually be a statement from the Prime Minister on his Middle East travels, rather than a statement from Hague. Either way, expect them to come in for some tough questions about the rescue effort from Libya.

At 4.30pm I’m doing an SI onthe Climate Change Levy and lead recycling – apparently we don’t do it anymore in the UK – and then it’s the Treasury Team’s weekly meeting, and then at 6pm the Programming Sub-Committee for the Budget Responsibility Bill, which will take all of five minutes. It’s where we decide how long we’ll spend in Committee on the Bill, and we’ve already agreed we’ll do three days, six sessions, so the Programming Sub is a formality.

In the main Chamber it’s a debate on the Big Society, called by the backbench business committee so there’s unlikely to be any votes. The rest of the week for me at least will be dominated by four sessions of the Budget Responsibility Bill committee, with a welcome break from work to go to Sarah Brown’s book launch on Tuesday night. Looking forward to that! And it’s the Barnsley by-election on Thursday, which *should* mean we’ll be welcoming a new colleague, Dan Jarvis, to Parliament on Monday.

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  • Quietzapple  On February 27, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Just troughing it then . . . .

  • Marc Evans  On February 28, 2011 at 11:45 am

    I think the reason behind reluctance to recycle is the Government’s need to ignore questions. I have previously sent emails and letters out asking about a previous newspaper article saying that recycled items end up on a beach abroad. I personally think there needs to be some clarification, I mean they did not even try and deny it. If we go to the trouble to recycle to protect our futures then there needs to be some sort of confirmation that recycling is actually being used effectively.

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