Tea break – musical interlude

I’m well aware that 99% of the music I post on here is from a bygone era, which doesn’t mean it’s not still great or relevant, but I’m going to try to stick some newer stuff on here too. Just discovered a band called The Agitator (I say “discovered”, more like “brought to my attention” by Louder than War, which is my primary source of new musical education these days).

Anyway, based on what I’ve heard so far, I like this lot – I like their artwork (reminiscent of Test Department’s Soviet-style graphics back in the day, I think?) and I like their attitude and their music, and that fact they’re very much placing what they do in a political context. Check them out on their website http://www.nowisthetimetoagitate.com/ or their MySpace site. 

There’s a section on their website called “You Are What You Read” with links to interesting articles, including John Harris’ “Someone pick up a guitar and howl” which I blogged about at the time. They say that’s what they’d been saying for ages, except – being a band consisting of just a vocalist and two drummers – they don’t need a guitar!

There also seems to be some kind of statement of intent on their “Introduction to No-ism” video, but he’s not talking loud enough for me to hear on this computer. (If he’s saying anything bad about Labour, I disown them entirely of course). I hope they’re not in the ‘all politicians are the same’ camp, though I think we on the Labour side do have to acknowledge some responsibility if people do think that… partly for things we did wrong, partly for things we didn’t do enough of, and partly for not getting across to people what we were doing or wanted to do and couldn’t for whatever reason….

Anyway, end of tea break and pleasant diversion. Back to preparation for this afternoon’s committee.

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