AV debate in Bristol

I gather the Bristol Evening Post has organised a debate on AV at the Council House this coming Saturday, with Chris Skidmore MP and Billy Bragg speaking.

I’ve just been asked by the Labour Yes campaign if I’ll speak on their behalf, but I’ve got a coffee morning in Whitehall which has been in the diary for a few weeks and has been well-publicised in the local area with leaflets, etc, so there’s no way I can be there. (Whitehall as in the Rose Green Centre, not Whitehall as in London SW1).

I’d have thought that Billy Bragg, despite his occasional meanderings towards the Lib Dem in a tactical voting style, still counted as Labour Yes, so he can cover for me.

Update: apparently it was wrongly advertised as 11am, it’s actually at 5pm. Which means I might be able to put in a brief appearance between the Fair Trade Fortnight Fashion Show at Cabot Circus, and a charity fundraising dinner, but I won’t be able to commit to speaking. Here’s the link to the event:


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  • greenotter  On March 25, 2011 at 8:46 am

    Glad to see that you’re in favour of the yes vote. I hope that you’ll be able to speak in favour of AV soon, as Richard Wyatt seems to be letting the Labour side down.

    And please go back on to Facebook 🙂

  • kerrymccarthy  On April 17, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    I’m sorry but I hate Facebook! It’s just completely unmanageable… I’ve had someone turn my Facebook site into a page, which I’m told means I can post things on there but don’t get joined to groups I haven’t asked to join, or get loads of spam from apps… I think it means I still have a wall and could talk to people on there – to be honest I haven’t looked at my facebook site for weeks and weeks, but hoping I might find a way of working with it….

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