I agree with Zac

While doing a bit of research on something else I stumbled across this Daily Mail article by Tory MP Zac Goldsmith on meat from cloned animals. Interesting article, particularly his conclusion:

“After forming a government in coalition with the Liberal Democrats, David Cameron further emphasised his environmental credentials as Prime Minister, promising that his administration would be ‘the greenest government ever’. Instead, we have a Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which seems to have yielded absolutely to the minority interests of big agribusiness, and is taking food and farming in a direction no one welcomes.”

He is of course, absolutely right, as we saw with Jim Paice’s intransigence over the mega-farm at Nocton dairies, and now with the news that Defra is going to allow badgers to be shot by anyone with a firearms licence (as opposed to dairy farmers putting their own house in order and vaccinating their cattle or exercising more control over cattle movements). When Labour came to Government in 1997 it implemented a fundamental shift in the nature of the then Department for Agriculture, making it not just about the producers of food, but about the consumers of food and the environment too. The Tories and Lib Dems have in the space of a year turned the clock back to the 1980s.

PS. I tabled a PQ about cloned animals recently. The answer from Jim Paice is here.

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