Back to Parliament tomorrow*

*Apologies, ultra-boring blog title. I should go back to the song titles.

Back in Parliament tomorrow for just one and a half days this week. Parliament is sitting for three days but I’m off the whip for the local election campaign. I was going to travel down to London tonight, but at the rate the snooker is going, I’ll miss the 9.50pm train… Judd Trump doesn’t have the place in my affections that Ronnie O’Sullivan has, but he’s a Bristol lad (from Keynsham – near enough) and is playing phenomenally. (As you can see I started this blog and then forgot about it…. snooker now finished, real shame that Judd couldn’t pull it off. Not keen on John Higgins winning either.)

Tomorrow starts with Foreign Office questions at 2.30pm – quite a few Qs on the Order Paper about Libya and a couple of about the Middle East, but Osama Bin Laden’s death will probably have to wait till Topicals at 3.15pm. Pretty sure that we’ll have a statement afterwards on the same topic, and possibly an update on Libya too. If the Government don’t decide to give a statement there’s a good chance the Speaker would allow an urgent question. Then it’s on to Day 1 of committee stage of the Finance Bill. My colleague in the Treasury team Chris Leslie is leading on the first of our amendments, but then it’s me for Labour for the rest of the day. I’ll be covering fuel duty, North Seal oil…

On Wednesday I’m up at Q11 at Prime Minister’s Questions… The Prime Minister has a whole team of people whose job it is to prep him for PMQs, which includes doing a briefing on those MPs on the Order Paper and second-guessing what they’re likely to ask. So Cameron will be giving a factsheet on local issues in Bristol: e.g. if I mention police cuts he’ll have a handy stat on money going into the police service, even if it’s for something obscure; if I mention schools he’ll know of one Bristol school which has got an extra handout, even if it’s a pittance. He’ll also be given a briefing on what topics I’ve been banging on about lately – everything from badgers to Tesco. They may even be checking out this blog – hello No. 10! And no doubt he’ll be swotting up on his Smiths song titles…

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  • James Wildman  On May 4, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Just to congratulate you on keeping the problems of disabled people on the agenda. (PMQ question.)
    Cameron just doesn’t get it, his understnding of disability being entirely framed by his poor son.
    It is the variety of the disability experience which makes itso difficult to manage by Government. I see that the new arrangements for returning disabled people to work will allow £14,000 for each job placement. I just do not believe that it will achieve much without the public sector employing disabled people according to the legislation already in place.
    Kind regards

    Jim Wildman

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