There’s a growing campaign against the ‘Hooters’ restaurant which opened in Bristol a little while ago, amid the new development on the Harbourside. I’ve not been there – why would I? – but it certainly doesn’t sound very edifying.

What do people think? Should it be closed down? Here’s the Say No to Hooters petition.

This also ties in with the Government’s proclaimed campaign against the over-sexualisation of children. I know this is something David Cameron cares deeply about – or rather, has gone on about before, for reasons best known to his spindoctors and strategists; cynical me says it’s a rather convenient distraction from all that is going on in government.

I agree with the broad thrust of what’s being said, although it’s rather inconsistent of the Government to be arguing that market intervention is needed to ban certain products being sold, whereas in so many other areas they’re all in favour of consumer choice and leaving it to the market. And is there so much difference between silly parents buying seven year olds padded push-up bras, and silly parents over-feeding their obese kids on junk food and additives? Shouldn’t food products that are full of crap (that’s the scientific term) and are clearly aimed at children be vetted in the same way? If not, what’s the difference?


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  • Jonneh  On June 6, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Couldn’t agree more really. We might as well say we have to ban movie trailers, tv adverts, billboards – anything that shows something you don’t want kids to see.

    This comes down to the parents I’m afraid. If you don’t want your kids to go to hooters, don’t let them go. I don’t really see why the government should intervene because you’re offended by the place.

    They specifically go on about this ‘swim suit contest’ that the staff held and that none of the advertising for the event stated it was restricted to adults only. Well, hello, to see people in swim suits you could also go to the beach or funnily enough the swimming pool also! They’re not restricted to adults only either! Perhaps while reading about the fact that the staff would be dressing in swimsuits people should decide for themselves if they think that is appropriate for their own children, rather than have a petition which would nanny them all for you.

    I could go on, but all the points kinda boil down to the same line for me. If you don’t want your kids in there, don’t take them there.

    What could be easier?

  • Ben  On June 6, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    If you don’t like Hooters I’d suggest not going to Hooters. Wanting an establishment closed because of people weaking bikinis is ridiculous.

    I’m not saying it’s a suitable environment for kids but there’s a simpler solution to that than closing the place altogether. If the event s advertised and parents have the option of taking their custom (and children) elsewhere then where is the problem?

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