The nasty party

Opening remarks from Tony Lloyd MP in his speech on Chope’s first Bill:

“……this Bill is essentially a retrograde, unfortunate and, in the end, quite dangerous little piece of social legislation.

Nevertheless, there is a real debate to be had on these issues. It is a debate that ought to take place from time to time, if only to remind people of two things: first, why we need the national minimum wage; and secondly, just how unsympathetic and unreconstructed parts of the parties of Government are on such issues. The hon. Member for Christchurch and one or two of his hon. Friends who are going to speak later represent a significant body of opinion, not in the nation generally, but in the Conservative party. That ought regularly to be put on record to remind my own constituents and, for example, those of the hon. Member for Shipley (Philip Davies) just what a rotten, nasty party the Conservative party can be.

Philip Davies: I would be grateful if the hon. Gentleman could get away from the insults and on to the issues. Given that the national minimum wage has clearly been such a triumph, will he tell us what the adult and youth unemployment figures in this country were when the minimum wage was introduced, and what they are now?

Tony Lloyd: Those were not insults; they were matters of fact. We can debate facts, but we should not trade insults; that would not be reasonable. Mr Deputy Speaker, I am sure that you would deplore my insulting hon. Members, and the fact that you did not call me to order suggests that the basic fact that I have just described has now been established and placed on the public record.”

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  • John  On June 17, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    Indeed, but the Labour party gave us the Iraq war which killed 100s of thousands of people and cost Dr Kelly his life. Nasty applies to all the major parties these days. I also find it pretty nasty that most Labour MPs are signed up to spending billions on Trident and are fully signed up to the neo-liberal agenda. During 13 years Labour outsourced more jobs to the private sector than even Thatcher managed. So, yes the Tories are nasty but Labour (with a few exceptions like John McDonnell) is a party signed up to the same agenda as the right wingers on the other benches.

  • treborc  On June 18, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    I’m disabled with Paraplegia dead from the waist down, but after four years six operations I learned to walk again, oh do not shout cheat yet. I now have to use crutches once I get past a few steps or a wheelchair or I have to wear a leg brace.

    I fell 54ft in work landed on my feet, looked down and saw the bones poking out of lower legs, I had a lot of blood in my mouth and spat out eighteen of my teeth, I had broken my jaws in three bits.

    I had also broken my back damaged my spinal cord, the hospital under the Tory government had left me waiting in an ambulance before placing me in a Toilet on a trolley before telling my work mates to take him home. A nurse who arrived to use the Toilet asked me what I was doing removed the blanket to see the blood soaking through the trolley.

    I was rushed to another ward they plastered the wrong leg and sent me home without seeing a doctor.

    I spent the next four years going to stoke Mandervile and my local hospital not going home for two years, hence I’m now without a working bowel or bladder, shocking pain 24 hours a day.

    I’m deemed under the new WCA Work capability assessment fit to work.

    Now then for the last ten years I’ve been looking to find work not because I have to but because i want to, so I have been under the new deal for the disabled, pathways, and now workfare, all America idea’s.

    I’ve written 1368 job application with four replies all negative. I have gone to something like three hundred employers being sent by the job center , shaw trust and Remploy, I have so far not go past the main doors and have been refused a job or offer.
    Now then if I do not get ESA which is highly likely then I will be getting £67 a week maybe for the rest of my working life, since it’s obvious nobody is going to employ me, so for me Mr Davies is correct dropping my wage rate for six months to allow firms to see what I can or cannot do would be a benefit, of course what would be better is employers doing this themselves allowing me to show people.

    But lets get something sorted now, if anyone believes I can keep up with a person who is fit and health they are joking, the argument Blair made a person with a degree would be able to do a job no matter what, of course it depends on the disability if a person is suffering mental health issues when that strikes then sadly they would not be in work.

    For me it’s simple because of my bowel and bladder problems infection are my nightmare, plus severe pain, it’s so severe I can go into a fit.

    Of course the real answer if your seriously disabled would be a benefits system that looks after you. after all I worked for thirty years never claimed any benefit, now I need them they are refused.

    For me labour and the Tories are so close spotting the differences is becoming difficult. rant ended.

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