Gangs (2)

Someone has just tweeted in a very timely fashion a link to this 2010 report on Gangs, which was commissioned by Labour and why they say hasn’t been acted upon by the current  Government. It includes some definitions:

How the police define and understand gangs

There was not one accepted definition of a ‘gang’ in the police service and it was clear from various personnel in the same police areas that definitions varied locally. For example, police officers gave us definitions varying from just a group of young people gathering on streetcorners to organised crime networks. However, the most common understanding of a ‘gang’ held by police intelligence units was a group of people who identified as a group, usually through a name, who were geographically based and had some involvement in criminal activity.

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  • Quietzaple  On August 13, 2011 at 6:53 am

    Al Capone and West Side Story perhaps represent the most famous but the BBC wireless programme “Hi Gang!” took the word where most of us became gang members.!

    Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon were very popular when radio was king and the phrase: “Hi Gang!” meant “I belong here with you my (usually) self adoptive family and we know how we stand with regard to oneanother.”

    Many politicians would feel uncomfortable in such groups: those who usually seek to dominate and take advantage are uncomfortable gang members.

    ID cards would have made the sus inspections far more nearly acceptable: the sub text even for a yardie or EDL member would have been that it was there to catch some hated group member.

    Those who screeched: “My Liberties! My Liberties!” on security measures which have or would have had minimal impact on honest law abiding folk may eventually reconsider, but I expect I shall be dead then.

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