See no Evil (2)

I’ve heard mixed reports about See No Evil. Some says it’s brilliant, others say it doesn’t quite live up to expectations. I’ll be going down to see the finished project later today, having been sidetracked by exciting things like, er, lots of emails at the weekend.

For those who don’t know, it’s billed as “Europe’s biggest permanent street art project” and was kicked off with a block party on Saturday, and other music over the weekend, and a pop-up gallery selling artwork, and generally lots of people hanging out and watching the street artists at work. The concrete has been transformed with huge murals/ paintings, which you can see on the See No Evil flickr site or here are some before and after shots. But this is my favourite collection of photos (and not just because I know the photographer!) with some great shots of the artists in action which really captures the atmosphere of the day.

 What I do think is great is that, as with the Banksy exhibition at that bastion of the Bristol establishment, the city museum, this project shows the coming together of the ‘official’ civic Bristol with the city’s street culture, working together to promote Bristol as a unique city, with a real buzz about it. I know some will be sceptical about the council’s involvement, but I think in this instance it’s doing what a city council should do.

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