Arnolfini autumn season

Rather baffled by a very arty mailing from Arnolfini, which is plugging their autumn season. It includes the Museum Show, which is an exhibition of museums created by artists, which they describe as “a comprehensive selection of highly idiosyncratic, semi-fictional institutions”. They include: the Blackout Leica Museum; Schubladenmuseum/ Museum of Drawers; the Museum of Ordure; the Museum of Projective Personality Testing; the Museum of Failure; the Voting Booth Museum (for all you politicial anoraks out there) and my personal favourite, the Museum of Safety Gear for Small Animals. These are in Part 1, which runs from September 24th to November 19th. Part 2 doesn’t sound quite as exciting but includes the Danger Museum and the Museum of Incest.

I have been invited to a private viewing. It’s the day before Factory Floor play there, which I am now definitely going to… rather excited by that. I wonder if they’ll get to see any of the museums while they’re hanging around waiting to soundcheck.

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  • thebristolblogger  On September 9, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    Look out for my autumn museums exhibition, including

    The Museum of Dim Artists With No New Ideas

    The Museum of Gullible Arts Administrators Who Actually Buy This Crap and

    The Museum of Lobotmised Arts Council Funders

  • Chaff  On September 14, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    What we could do with is a Museum of Politicians and a Museum of Bankers.

    They might look better stuffed and mounted.

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