Speakin’ proper

I’m in the constituency office, after a morning out campaigning in Stockwood, catching up on paperwork and emails as I didn’t get a chance yesterday. I was on Week in Westminster today with Jacob Rees-Mogg talking about the role of social media (well, mostly Twitter) in promoting political causes and allowing MPs to engage with the public. Following that appearance this email has arrived in my inbox, from someone I don’t think I know….

Dear Kerry,

I have just heard your interview on Radio 4 and it is no wonder to me that some children  cannot speak properly when they hear people who should know better failing to recognise the letter ‘g’ at the end of words like “speaking” or “voting”. You can do better than this, surely?


I am tempted to just reply: “I’m from Luton, that’s how we speak!” (And I pronounce the ‘t’ in Luton which makes me quite posh by local standards!) Perhaps I should ask the Mogg for elecution lessons?

Here’s a song for him (completely unreconstructed anti-feminist bilge really, but it’s Dusty). Wishin’ and hopin’…

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  • nilsinela boray (@northernheckler)  On January 21, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    As a Yorkshireman living down South (near Luton) – I can get a bit twitchy about people’s reaction to my accent. Particularly hate it when they say that I say “It were ,,,” instead if “It was … ” – no self respecting Yorkshireman would ever do that – but we do tend to drop the “s” – “It wa ‘ “.

    It’s especially annoying when the people doing the moaning think nothing of going back to the “drorr-ing board”. Or don’t know the difference between “bought” and “brought” (which is a Northampton thing)

  • Thomas Veale  On January 21, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Sorry about different accents, but we live on a place called earth ( errt -in my irish accent ) where people are different and that’s ok, really!

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