A story featuring local charity HorseWorld – which is literally yards outside my constituency, where the houses stop and the countryside starts – has made the national press.

It was in the Daily Mail yesterday, and has been in other papers too. It follows on from a parliamentary Q asked by shadow Defence minister Kevan Jones, which shows that some army horses have been destroyed because their ‘temperament’ was wrong. The comments, as ever, make entertaining reading, with some readers outraged that HorseWorld – which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes horses, donkeys and ponies who have been abandoned, neglected or ill-treated – even exists. “We used to kill grumpy mammoths for rampaging through stone age camps” says one reader.

Here’s the HorseWorld press release if you don’t want to click on the Mail link. To give the Mail credit though, as I’ve said before, it IS good on animal welfare stories. Saturday’s edition also has big stories on badger baiting, and on hunting tourism, with a hideous picture of a family on holiday posing with the corpse of a huge giraffe they’ve just shot. I’ve already asked a question in Parliament about the millionaire Tory donor, Sir David Scholey, who likes shooting lions in Africa, and am putting down some follow-up written Qs. UK-based travel firms shouldn’t be facilitating trips like this.

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