Today in parliament…

Just arrived in the Westminster office after catching the train from Bristol. At 2.30pm it’s Work and Pensions questions, then at 3.30pm Chuka Umunna is asking an Urgent Question about executive pay, obviously with something to say about RBS bonuses. After that, at 4pm-ish, we’re into the first of today’s two Opposition Day debates, both on motions tabled by Labour.

I’m hoping to speak in the first debate, on Food Poverty. The motion we’ve tabled is this:

“This House notes that food prices rose by more than 4% over the last year and that more families are relying on foodbanks; expresses its dismay at Government delays to the Groceries Code Adjudicator and that the Government has rejected BIS and Efra select committee recommendations to give it teeth; and therefore calls on the Government to bring forward proposals for the Groceries Code Adjudicator early in the next Parliament to ensure fairness across the food supply chain; believes that the Adjudicator should have the power to penalise retailers for unfair practices and that third party organisations should be able report retailers; calls on the Government to work with the retail sector to provide more responsible, transparent price promotions and clearer unit pricing to offer genuine value for money for consumers.”

The second debate is on Youth Unemployment and Taxation of Bank Bonuses. I’ll stick the wording on here later, for now I’ve got to try and finish my speech for the first debate and get down to the Chamber for questions.

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