Today in Parliament

Busy day today. Started off doing emails, then had a shadow Foreign Office team meeting, then took part in a CPA (Commonwealth Parliamentary Association) seminar for women parliamentarians from Pakistan and Afghanistan. After that it was a phone call with a journo re the Music is GREATBritain campaign, then another call with a senior police officer about the proposed EDL march in Bristol and what the police can and can’t do to stop it. Then looking at blog comments, and more emails in the House of Commons library.

Now off to an event unveiling new research from UWE and SPAN (The Single Parent Action Network) about how difficult it is for single parents to move from Income Support to JSA. Then at 2.30pm it’s Justice Questions – I’ve got Q10 about anonymity for rape victims, which I will use to raise the online ‘outing’ of the Ched Evans victim – and then I’ll be donning my shadow foreign minister hat to be on the frontbench for the opening speechs in the Queen’s Speech debate, which today is on Foreign Affairs and International Development. Expect to hear Opposition MPs asking why there wasn’t a bill enshrining the 0.7% aid spending commitment in the Queen’s Speech.

That takes me up to about 5pm with another five hours to go after that…

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  • John Kimble  On May 15, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    “I’ve got Q10 about anonymity for rape victims”

    Shame you don’t have the decency/sense use it to push for anonymity for the accused.

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