Politics Home awards

Some interesting nominations in this year’s Politics Home awards. Steve Rotheram certainly deserves his speech of the year nomination for the Hillsborough debate, and so does Tom Watson for his speech on hacking – although I think I’d go with Steve for the speech, and Tom has got to win MP of the year, surely? Even if he is up against the mighty Mogg?

As amusing as Nadine Dorries’ two arrogant posh boys’ remark was, it’s extremely trivial in comparison with the phone hacking debate, which I would think is a dead cert for political moment of the year. Willy Bach would get my vote in the Lords category, for securing a series of Government defeats on the Legal Aid Bill. If not Willy then Anyone But Shirley. Campaign of the year is a tough one. Stella Creasy has shown immense persistence in pursuing her loan sharks campaign, but John Healey’s quieter fortitude in pushing for the release of the NHS Risk Register shouldn’t be overlooked.

Not surprised to see Jamie Reed (@jreedmp) in there for best political tweeter – Paul Waugh of Politics Home is his number one fan – and no, I’m not bothered about not being shortlisted for that! Having won the Dods social media award last year and being totally fed up with the constant association with tweeting, I am more than happy to pass on the crown. Besides, it was me who persuaded a reluctant Jamie onto Twitter, so he’s my protegee!

If I’m backing Jamie for Tweeter of the Year then I’d better give John Prescott my vote for hashtag of the year, for #godisgove – although if #popleveson had made it in there, I’d have plumped for that. Maybe it was just too late for the deadline? And Political Scrapbook for best blog. (Yes, I am biased in favour of the sole left-wing contender, and no, I’m not voting for Tories).

And then there’s “MP contribution to Central Lobby” for which my World Vegan Day debate has somewhat bizarrely made the cut. I wouldn’t have thought you could find a more obscure topic… maybe that’s why it got noticed. Or the fact I got booed in the Chamber. I will probably get two votes, from the two other vegans.

Here are the other contenders.

Steve Baker MPWe need a responsible, self-regulating financial system

Kerry McCarthy MPLeads debate on World Vegan Day

Grant Shapps MP10 tips for Twitter

Dominic Rabb MPWe must end feminist bigotry

Julian Huppert MPRiots are no excuse for this authoritarian knee-jerkery


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  • quietzaple  On May 17, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Always mildly surprised that a site which I understand is owned by Lord Ashcroft, and Sir Iain Dale, whose speculative article libelling Tom Watson led to £40,000 damages to our hero from relevant newspaper, is tolerated, especially in view of the roles of former Lyin’ Standard journo Paul Waugh (not a Tory journo in his opinion) and Shane Greer who claims not to be a Tory because he isn’t a member if I recall correctly.

    This so called “Lifestyle” magazine is distributed free to 30,000 of our representatives in the UK I understand. I’d rather the influence of these people was reduced myself, whatever entertainment people get from the lists which obsess Dale.

    • kerrymccarthy  On May 17, 2012 at 9:27 pm

      Is Politics Home connected to Total Politics then? (I should know that!)

      • quietzaple  On May 17, 2012 at 10:05 pm

        No, my mistake. Hadn’t imagined that awards had spread outside the Dale orbit. Apologies to you and “Politics Home.”

  • John Kimble  On May 20, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    Dominic Rabb is superb, great to see that excellent piece by him recognised.

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