Private Members’ Bills ballot update

Further to my post earlier this week about the Private Members’ Bills ballot, here is the result:

  1. John McDonnell
  2. Richard Ottaway
  3. Barbara Keeley
  4. Gavin Barwell
  5. Peter Aldous
  6. John Hemming
  7. Neil Carmichael
  8. Sir Paul Beresford
  9. Richard Harrington
  10. Mike Weir
  11. Stuart Andrew
  12. Sheryll Murray
  13. Lindsay Roy
  14. John Glen
  15. Jo Swinson
  16. Mark Hendrick
  17. Simon Kirby
  18. Michael Meacher
  19. Michael Connarty
  20. Douglas Carswell

So, not a great result for Labour and, with a few honourable exceptions, not much opportunity for progressive measures to be advanced… John McDonnell, who topped the ballot a few years ago too and introduced his Trade Union Freedom Bill, has already indicated he will be bringing in a bill about the appointment of the Governor of the Bank of England. Barbara Keeley is very interested in – and very good on – social care/ carers issues, so I’m sure that will be one of the topics she’ll be considering. Sir Paul Beresford is another one who has done well in a previous ballot, introducing a rather good child protection bill in the last session, which actually became law in March – the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims (Amendment) Act 2012. John Hemming has had problems with cat burglars. Jo Swinson has long campaigned on body image and airbrushing in adverts, so perhaps she’ll be doing something on that? Michael Meacher has a letter going viral on Facebook right now, about tax avoidance and the Sunday Times rich list – his blog is here. And as for Douglas Carswell… abolishing Europe or something along those lines.

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  • quietzaple  On May 17, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    I noticed Jo Swinson’s twitter bio didn’t mention she is Clegg’s PPS. She rejoined that it hadn’t mentioned her previous post with Vincent Cable either. I expect she will have some assistance from Parliamentary draughtspersons with greater hold on reality.

    Carswell may well look for a starter towards a Bill of Rights is my guess, to obtain a little leverage on public opinion and HMG in that field. While he seems odd he foes at least like blackberries I recall from distant attendance on his blog.

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