The dairy debate

Interesting… Have had a couple of emails this week from Bidwells Agribusiness (who I’ve never heard of) urging me and presumably all other MPs to complete a survey about the UK dairy industry. £5 goes to FARM-Africa (or a couple of other charities) if you do.

After a few opening questions like do you think you’re well informed, where do you get your information from, do you have contact with dairy farmers in your constituency, etc, they ask about whether we have contact with Compassion in World Farming, WSPA (which campaigned against the Nocton dairy farm), 38 Degrees and the Badger Trust. To which I answered yes. They then asked if I’d heard of DairyCo, to which my answer was no. I suspect that the industry is worried about the influence organisations campaigning for better welfare standards in the dairy industry, and against the badger cull, are having, and this survey is something to do with setting up a rival lobbying operation.

As it happens I already get the NFU South West weekly email updates and I do read them, not to mention getting the highly partisan line from the Farming Minister at every Defra Qs. (Pro-cull, pro-Nocton, wants ‘sustainable intensification’, will pay lip service to animal welfare concerns provided nothing gets in the way of farmers getting more money for their milk… which they should do, but not by forcing cows to produce far more than they are designed by nature to do.*) So I’m not sure I need extra lobbying for DairyCo, whoever they may be, but I will watch out for it with interest.

*Subject to vegan caveat, that I’d rather cows milk was consumed by baby cows, not people. 

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  • Liz  On May 22, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Really interesting article, thanks for this!

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