Blogging to order

As I’ve just said in the comments on the first ‘new’ post, I don’t like feeling under an obligation to blog about certain things, and it was one of the frustrating things about blogging before that some people accuse you of ‘never’ blogging about things you’ve actually talked about a hell of a lot in the past. Buses being one such thing. I could rehash old blog posts every now and again just to tick that ‘I’m interested in sorting out the buses’ box, but that would turn the blog into a PR exercise and that’s not what it’s about.

Of course, I’m still lobbying about buses and the wider transport issues in Bristol, talking/ writing to the council, to First Bus, to councillors, to anyone who has influence. I met the transport minister recently with other MPs to talk about rail issues. But I’ve already said what has to be said about Quality Contracts and an ITA and the Severn Beach Line and all those things. I’ve blogged about meeting with First Bus, and even posted at some length their responses to constituent’s complaints. If there’s anything to report it will appear on the website, or in the local paper, or on Facebook, or in the email newsletter to constituents I send out each month, but I’m not going to blog about things just because someone else thinks I should. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore.

On a more positive note though, here’s a petition about Bristol buses that’s doing the rounds

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