Great Strides 65

I somehow seem to have signed myself up to do a 65 km/ 40 mile walk this Saturday to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

I say “somehow”, actually I think it was my idea… I may regret it.

I’m doing it with my sister Emma, her partner Andrew and her friend Suzie, who runs marathons. Emma and Andrew have been in training by going for 20 mile walks. I’ve done nothing. We have also been advised to spend the week stuffing ourselves with carbs to build up our energy, which I haven’t quite managed either.

Emma has been planning for it with military precision: first aid kit, rehydration packs, torches, water supplies, enough vegan snacks to last a fortnight… You can tell she’s a mother of three kids. She keeps sending me texts with yet more arrangements and I just reply ‘Yes Mum’. Andrew is in charge of map-reading and the compass. I will be turning up with my walking boots on and some bagels, if I haven’t eaten them all by then.

We’re doing this because I have a 9 year old niece – Emma and Andrew’s daughter – who has cystic fibrosis, Her name is Maisie (pictured here with Mabel, their puppy). We were set an original fundraising target of £1000 but we’ve managed to exceed that and have now set a revised target of £1750 – though it would be great to reach £2000. Overall Great Strides has so far had pledges of £43,000, and they’re hoping to get to £50,000 to mark the CF Trust’s 50th anniversary year. Details of our fundraising here:

This follows the amazing trek I did in the desert in Jordan in late February/ early March,  raised more than £3000, including Gift Aid. The terrain was rocky and hilly, and it was absolutely freezing in the desert at night, but I have a feeling this weekend’s walk will actually be far more taxing… We will have to set off at around 5am to get to Surrey in time, so that means getting up at the ungodly hour of 4am. Starters orders are at 7am and we have 17 hours – ie until midnight – to complete it. I’m told that there’s a pretty big hill – St Martha’s – right at the end. Obviously we’re really hoping it doesn’t rain, and I am really, really hoping there’s a low pollen count.

It should be fun – I think.



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